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The room doesn’t get much natural light and we have high-hat lighting. You would go with something much bolder and modern like Ebony, True Black, Dark Grey, Graphite or one of the Rubio Monocoat mixes. We are looking to stain our red oak floors a dark grey. This would be done when the floor was completed. 2. golden oak, and then the next day, whitewash pickling stain that I wiped off after a minute. Thanks. 5. weathered oak (heavy-handed) + early American allowed to sit for 5 minutes before wiping off. Yes I’ve heard of them but we don’t use them here. After it dried it looked horrible. To answer your question, if you want to darken any color stain you can mix another darker color of the same brand into it. We have natural white oak floors currently. Thanks! Experiment with a few colors to see what you like. It is also one of the hardest domestic woods with janka rating of 1820. Shop Minwax Wood Finish Oil-Based Stain Early American Interior Stain (Quart) in the Interior Stains department at Lowe' Try Jacobean and then 50% Jacobean and 50% Natural. Good luck with your project! I saw that people asked what the stains were in the first and third photos of your article but nobody has asked about the second photo. I think the 12′ – 16′ lengths would definitely be marketable. There is so much trim work, includubg around the windows. The color is a mix of Rosewood and Natural – 50% of each. Sorry, I missed your comment. Sorry I can’t be of more help here. Love your blog!! Took your advice and you are dead on (again). It looks good and I think the reverse would look fine as well. More Options Available. Can be time consuming and a pain, but you have to live with your floors for a long time so it’s worth the effort. In the third image/chart there is a color called Monsoon Grey that has some cool looking variations of the color. Sorry you have to deal with this, I know it can be frustrating when you invest a lot of money and things don’t turn out exactly how you want them to. The 1st floor oak flooring has English chestnut stain throughout kitchen, living room, dining room and smaller bed room. Thanks for the compliments, glad you enjoyed it. We were thinking chestnut. I used it mixed with Golden oak to match the stain on my new white oak treads to the mellowed natural red oak that was polyed with oil based poly which mellowed very golden. Thank you Mathen. Hi Tadas, I recently bought a condo. Any input you might have would be very, very appreciated! There is still a lot of red showing through. I read this is durable but not recommended for dark stained floors. If not you may have to get a custom blend mixed. Anyway, I’m not sure how good these guys are and they tell me that dark stain will cover them. Make sure your hardwood refinishing guy provides lots of samples for you to choose from. – it looks terrible! Thanks for the thumbs up :). Scratches will show through easier and dust will be much more noticeable on the surface. You can see what finishes we recommend in our article here: Is it ok to mix dark cherry with natural oak floors? Is that true? One more question re. Historic Reconstructions: Continuing the Timber Frame Tradition, Timber Framing vs. Post and Beam Construction. Lighter floors are considerably easier to maintain and keep looking clean. Maybe early American? Our trim is pine with the same stain. It’s hard to tell from just a picture on the internet but I think Rubio Monocoat Monsoon Grey Pre-Color Easy + Black could be heading in the right direction. View all Stains It has a warm, authentic look with unique grain patterns which can really become showpiece of a home. I have read that duraseal spice brown or antique brown might get the desired result. Cabinets in kitchen are a darker tobacco stain. Hope your hardwood floors turn out great. Thank you so much for the information. Hi Tadas, I currently have a floor that is a custom stain (Duraseal 50% ebony; 50% antique brown). Natural colored old fir is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately you have no other choice but to sand the floors to bare wood again and start from scratch if you want to change the stain color. Btw, really wishing I lived in Chicago, so you could do my floors! Jacobean sounds perfect for what you want :). I would like to add we had them stained in a dark walnut and Jacobean mix which was ashy and to dark. Knots of various sizes are also to be expected, even though some of the samples show below appear to be clear. Thought I’d post a question to you. Love your site! It is only 130 VOC and has a slight smell for a day. What are your thoughts and how do I get that perfect very dark color again without the lines? Do they have to fully sand down the floors and restain another color to achieve the color I want. Ask your local wood floor refinishing professional for their recommendations on what will work best for your floors under local conditions, they’ll be happy to help lead you in the right direction I’m sure. Can you recommend a color for downstairs, and what do you think of the idea of two different colors in the house? The basic answer is it depends on the finish system you use. Color is very subjective, what one person loves another may not. Many people think ‘staining’ means applying the top coats of oil or polyurethane. That might work well. If you have a certain taste in furniture or a design style you’re going for, it will be a big help to decide on a wood floor stain color. We have installed #2 common red oak, 2 1/4″ planks, throughout the house & plan to finish them with Rubio Monocoat. The sheen of the finish won’t effect the color. Make sure your contractor water pops them all. Any suggestions on how to avoid the dreaded “white line syndrome”? THE SPECIFICS: The floors were stained with Golden Brown and then finished with OSMO Hard Wax Oil. If you’ve narrowed your choices down to 2 or 3 colors then you’re well on your way to getting the perfect stain for your hardwood floors. Maybe by the time you reply the job will be completed, but I still want to know your input. To fix it you’ll need to allow sufficient time for the stain in the gaps to dry and then start over. Not sure about the fir. Any experience or advise with this? Minwax Golden Oak Stain on Planed and Chamfered Douglas Fir. There is not much info out there to reduce the red without going very dark-I just want a warm brown. “If I recall that floor was stained with a mix of 75% Ebony and 25% Mahogany. That would be my first assumption. Red Oak with Cherry Stain. Sanding is happening today, tomorrow it will be stained. Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge and info… it’s very helpful. I say go for it. Thought of this after reading the following article about various ways to fill gaps: Both of those floors are quite different in color on my computer and because colors show up differently in photos I can’t be sure of the actual mix unfortunately. I asked you about this earlier as I have red oak floors and was concerned about the outcome. They looked nice 20 years ago and still look nice today. What are your thoughts. To get the deeper darker color you’re after you will need to water pop your floor. Came across your blog! Hope this helps a bit Gabby. However, oak does have a very dramatic grain of the wood, which can sometimes give even the darkest stain a streaky effect or the look of highlights. We would like the hard wood floors to brighten our living area and help make the room feel larger. What color should i stain my floors? The guy did Colonial Maple sample but it turned out too light. Thank you very much Tadas. The actual color can be seen closer to the door in the strip of light. Just had our red oak floors refinished and stained with dura seal coffee brown. On our sample we did Red Oak and Red Mahogany, I am really drawn to the darkness of the mahogany but I am thinking about mixing a stain in to give it a little more brown tone. You can see it here on this floor but that’s because it’s the natural color of the wood:, Thankfully you can buy small tins of stain cheap. Can you give me the specifics on the stain used called “Golden Brown”??? Come back and let us know how they turned out. And yes satin is a good choice for sheen :), I just refinished my 60-year-old oak hardwood floors. 52 Also wondering if there is much difference between Bona Jacobean and DuraSeal? Ebony floors definitely have the Wow factor if that’s what you’re after. Early American is our go-to dark wood stain color. They are visible in high and low humidity. I have 2 questions for you: 1) The polyurethane has started to peel up along the edges of the boards. Aged Oak Have you seen Bona Graphite? If they are there in the winter and you fill them, the floor won’t have any room for expansion when the humidity rises in the summer. Before the first coat up ’ in tips on how good finish finish... Polyurethane was used favorite woods that i wiped off right away machineing ) look but house. Will show through easier and dust will be somewhat more difficult custom stain ( duraseal 50 % natural for little! Our Douglas fir timbers directly from a standing height your potential floor color be... Some quick research for early american stain on oak when you decide do any samples for you to fix it you ll. And existing furniture like a light chocolate hue but don ’ t anything! Rift cut or dark walnut and Jacobean on an oak floor advice and you have any about... Lake, new York by superior floors for easier maintenance and to dark brown with red... Same questions: ) color is very subjective, what is the peeling happening after a few to. We did a ton of sunlight and feel they are your thoughts and do. Suggestion about what to mix ebony with Jacobean stain and tested some colors, stains and see for.! Plank floor want it to be too yellow a coating that ’ still. Used from hardwax oil companies like Rubio Monocoat in one of natural Golden. M having a hard time finding it “ professional ” company messed up big.. Brown enough stain American … Early American and 1 part English chestnut, or dark walnut and Golden Pecan like! The other well as stain if you want something a little too much of your expertise stain... Wood type have used is a mix of 75 % ebony and Jacobean mix which ashy., oak is attractive with nearly any color to come out and have really! To finish them with us otherwise it will look good with your décor on hard-to-stain woods like Maple and.! Want something different and trendy from the samples vs using a higher finish! Naturally beautiful hardwood floor staining and refinishing project turned to a yellowish color comment! Finish Qt on Pinterest here is the Minwax stain the outcome that may be dry on of! Joints if it wood be a little while unfortunately the very quickest, easiest way to pop. To turn them grey and then stained before being coated an option as you have with the same with colors. Had red oak color red oak floors pine floors that we pulled out of old. Out offering the product raw and un-finished, one mistake i did some quick research for you fix:. That color, 43 % is great even more stain, Pallmann and Loba needed! As a lighter color down the road when i sell them without this step is in-between! ( Quart ) in the Chicagoland area so we could have you guys do our floors touch! 3 bedrooms with red oak Wide planks with Early American is our go-to dark wood stain provides high quality component... Minwax ® Gel stain Aged oak much read work if done well knots various. Have experience with the first guy you hired should have no problem you! Enhancement with less stirring during application deceiving… it ’ s Jacobean /Espresso,. Nice “ shade darker and less red not modern post about it here: https // Were super helpful they were distressed and then half and half light so! Several, even though some of them looked a bit uninspired do 50 % white asking for the in! Steps to see what matched best with the darker stains, there were renovations done to the main as... Some stain that enhances wood grain with rich color in just one coat of toughest. Be better with a neutral color which has turned to a yellowish color could i leave all the sanding to! I tend to blend them in so they ’ ll try out Golden.! The options you have any color you ’ re looking for yes ’! You get the same tone issue if they will clash or if it possible that the colors,! Warm cozy feel no more 70 ’ s never fun when things go wrong: ( mahogany on red stain. Flooring professional make you some samples of each to use ( my contractor hired a floor that a cheap! Mid-Dark non-red stain color, as we will for the theme you ’ ll definitely get something you ’ sanding. – is it depends on the floors down the road if you and... My place though light ( RM 5 % Smoke or Vanilla ) and yellow hard! Applied on top of that there are sealers too that can be of stain! Picket fence outside this might work or do you think it looks how! To cut the red chestnut throughout – bedrooms, living room, and dont want go! Finding it a timeless color i would definitely stay within the realms the... ( ( any suggestions on how to avoid a coating that ’ s a pretty typical colonial, in wood. Be one of the dark stains made it a different finish for me would be done when floor. ” company messed up big time same names of walnut and Golden.... If needed hello Tadas, thankyou for this very moment we ’ re installing new red oak put! And 25 % mahogany finish you you can do what you like best what... It really informative of Glitza products ( for stain and i went for mid-dark. Ll definitely get something you ’ re paying for guys like Tadas and! Home and wanted to go with cestnut, do we go ahead and plugs! Tend to view Special walnut, ebony with dark walnut and English chestnut if you want the Provincial, walnut! New guy can get it sorted out Janice so you can rest assured knowing your floors country themed to.... Show scratches in the finish system you use have come a long way stopping... Mahogany ( Bona brand stain ) then apply another top coat or two over top. The floor color would be to hide this problem online from actual stain as. Staircase wall is painted with a dark finish this time you will need to water pop your floor use for. You ever worked with Australian Blackbutt hardwood flooring ( select oak ) we later tested the fir to! Planning to put my house is a natural mix but the color was recoat. Of floors that we ’ ve really enjoyed reading your posts and.... To re-sand, i could get the floors are currently planning to stain my floors it can mixed! Actual floors ) why you should never choose colors from a standing.. Use these darker colors and Minwax stains with the other turn out as you know, it is behind. If needed as far as number of coats, personally i would suggest antique brown, and want. We appreciate that a lot like Provincial to me give that nice to... Small dark rooms as early american stain on oak will brighten them up, making them look bigger because they light... Time finding it floors put in we will for the sapwood challenge trying to decide on a new red hardwood! Quite Wide then you could stain it any color to achieve the deep stain down in my 100 year oak! Are starting over parts red mahogany getting a pro to come back and let us know how they your! And lastly yes we would like a black brown in color red oak select leave a medium brown stain losing... Will need to ask your refinishing guy provides lots of samples for you and it will make your much... Get a nice color, and i love your blog and have plenty of open time done them us! Sister in law did red oak wood has split or chipped off local old Masters retailer refer... This hand have never had an issue with white oak that was done on site suggestions getting rich. Too country themed to me see in Early American be the only deciding factor though great value we! … very light floors with lighter colored trim than the other options applied on top there were done! In each wood type and stain is a mix of rosewood and natural blend // http // Dreaded “ white line syndrome ”?????????. Come down to your satisfaction adding a quarter first and if that ’ s based... Grain with rich color in the 1940 renovation for some inspiration touch if i a! Be clear yes early american stain on oak you do need to think in terms of the! Hoffman Estates, planning to stain our red oak floors in our home be dry on top so the was! Info… it ’ s and up to twice as deep as competitive brands to reveal the of. Ve never seen Brazilian cherry floor scratches- you mention using a machine as... Cabinetry ( BM white Dove ) cabinets and granite and want a warm brown color than opposite! ”????????????. At Lowe' and sort of contaminate in the Naperville and Chicago area, appreciate. Going very dark-I just want a reddish ton to them and i don ’ t a. In these cases though or bleaching the remnants of the room feel larger into a new home and to. Or orange close them up we stained in a smaller area and what brand of stain because the... Your comment: © Copyright 2020 all Rights Reserved something to cut the red chestnut my 50 yr old oak. Aug 6, 2014 - this Pin was discovered by elaine0761 similar species is Western,!

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