Commercial Pressure Washing in Seattle WA for Health, Aesthetics, and Safety

Seattle WA Pressure washing is a very important aspect of thorough cleaning in today’s residential, commercial, and industrial establishments. Cleaning is important not only to improve the aesthetic appearance of an infrastructure’s surroundings but, more importantly, help reduce the risk of injuries and other health-related problems associated with dirty surroundings. While it is very easy to understand how a dirty surrounding can bring about diseases as well as increase the risk for injuries, some individuals fail to understand the importance of thorough cleaning and how it needs to be implemented.

Basics of Pressure Washing in Seattle WA

Pressure washing in Seattle WA requires the use of extreme high pressure water to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants off surfaces. It is generally regarded that it was Alfred Karcher who invented the first hot water high pressure washer in 1950 although the steam pressure washer was invented by Frank Ofeldt in 1927, known then as high pressure Jenny. The pressure of the water effectively dislodges any material that may be present on surfaces to effectively remove them. When used with a variety of cleaning agents or substances, the power washer can serve a variety of purposes such as in the removal of graffiti as well as sandblasting.

For industrial purposes or for heavy cleaning such as in a chemical spill or contamination, an insulator pressure washing system is often used. This is composed of a power source, a centrifugal water pump, a high pressure water hose, a stainless steel tank for water storage, electrical grounds for the washing system and the high presser water wash gun of the dead-man type. For the home, a more portable version can be used. In fact, some residential homes now have a portable version of power washers to help them remove debris, mold, dust, mud, grime, and just about anything off the surfaces of their homes. However, this is often not recommended.

Low pressure washing of about 5,000 PSI or less is often used for residential homes and some office buildings. High pressure washing of about 5,000 to 10,000 PSI is indicated for retail environments as well as commercial establishments where the traffic is usually high and with the increased risk of exposure to chemical or natural elements. Ultra high pressure washing of about 10,000 to 25,000 PSI is excellent for industrial establishments as well as places where a variety of stubborn surface contaminants may be present. These can include airports, factories, and other similar locations.

Importance of Pressure Washing in Seattle WA

Now why is pressure washing important? Seattle Pressure Washing is needed in almost every aspect of home and commercial activity where you need the surface to be thoroughly clean, totally free from any form of surface debris, dirt, or any other contaminant. This can be an essential aspect of repainting surfaces in order to remove old paint coatings as well as layered peeling paint. Mold and mildew growth can also be blasted off the surface. Additionally, cracked surfaces can be properly managed by water blasting the loosened chipped parts of the cracked surface.

For the home, power washing simply means a cleaner home. However, more importantly, you are ensuring the safety of everyone in your family. Just imagine if you fail to remove mold and mildew growth off the surfaces of your property, you are exposing yourself and the members of your family to these microorganisms. While they do not necessarily pose an immediate threat to a healthy family, they may however wreak havoc on someone who has compromised immune system. As such, it is very important to perform pressure washing in Seattle WA if only to ensure that your family is safe.

For commercial establishments with high volume traffic, it is equally important to clean the surfaces of walkways or pathways. Just imagine the thousands of shoes walking through these pathways every single day. Some of these shoes carry dirt and grime and other surface contaminants that get stuck on the surface of the pathway. The same can be said of factories and other industrial establishments where safety is of utmost concern. Oil and grease left on the floor is an accident waiting to happen. Pressure washing in Seattle WA these surfaces can ensure optimum safety for everyone.

Benefits of Pressure Washing in Seattle WA

Pressure washing is very important in the daily lives of the modern man. As was already presented above, high pressure cleaning has many benefits. For the home, it is primarily for safety and health. Pressure washing in Seattle WA homes also improves the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. This can significantly increase its economic value should you decide to sell it. Commercial and industrial establishments can benefit from pressure washing in terms of maintaining safety of their public spaces in order to ensure the safety of everyone. Additionally, pressure washing in Seattle WA commercial establishments make for an increased appeal to entice more customers to visit them.

Considerations of Pressure Washing in Seattle WA

It is very important to understand the surface that you are cleaning with a pressure washer. The pressure of the water jet can damage surfaces if you use the wrong setting. Additionally, never ever tempt to play with pressure washers nor point it to any person because it definitely will hurt.

What to Look for in a Pressure Washing Company in Seattle WA

Because of this, it is always best to hire a professional pressure washing company in Seattle WA than to do it on your own. These are professionals who understand just how much pressure is needed to thoroughly clean a surface without damaging it or even embedding water into the deeper structures of the material.

So, when you choose a company that provides commercial and residential pressure washing services in Seattle WA, it is important to look for certification that they are indeed licensed to provide you with the service that you seek. This is very important because you need a power washer who is not only skilled but also very proficient in his job. Additionally, make sure that the company is able to give you an estimate of the power washing costs. They also need to have a system which will ensure compliance with existing environmental regulations. You also need to check their equipment as well as products used in the cleaning process.

Maintaining the cleanliness and curb appeal of your home or improving the aesthetic appearance of your commercial establishment for your customers entails quite a lot. However, if you are able to choose the best pressure washing company in Seattle WA who truly understands the importance of their role, then you won’t be disappointed.

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